Contrary to popular belief, your credit history matters when you try to get a loan. Some loan companies carefully check the persons applying for a loan at BIK (Credit Information Bureau). This register contains anyone who has or has had a loan, used a credit card or used overdraft. In BIK it was noted if you have not once paid conscientiously and regularly commitments.

What does your credit history look like?

What does your credit history look like?

As a consequence, some non-bank companies will not consider you a trustworthy customer, and that is probably why you were refused a loan. To avoid seeking the answer to the question why a loan application was rejected, it is worth knowing your weaknesses.

If your credit history is not good, you must immediately try to get money from one of the companies that does not verify the data available in BIK – you will receive a payday without BIK.

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Figuring in another debtors base

In addition to BIK, there are other databases in which lenders can track how you previously fulfilled your financial obligations within a specified period. In statements such as the National Register of Debtors (KRD) or Economic Information Bureau (BIG) you can find even for non-payment of utility bills or the Internet. It is true that you will not find yourself on this type of “black list” right away, but if you have been late with payments in the past, your chances of getting a new loan are greatly reduced.

A lie about creditworthiness


Another element taken into account by the loan companies is your creditworthiness. Customers who can certify a stable income (resulting from an employment contract or other civil law agreement, retirement or disability pension) should not have a problem with accepting their loan application. Unfortunately, the unemployed are at the other extreme. Remember, however, that in addition to earnings or social benefits, your creditworthiness also includes other expenses, such as the need to pay maintenance.

However, we strongly advise against concealing such information. Generally, the lie has short legs, and in addition, lenders now have an excellent tool to look at their potential customers – they are social media. Such a lie can be considered an attempt at extortion, and this has serious consequences.

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A loan from another company


Debt from other companies may also be the reason that your application has not been accepted. “One loan in one company” is an unwritten rule of companies in this industry.

The conditions for taking another payday loan from the same lender are usually precisely described in the loan agreements, while the fact that the customer has not previously borrowed money from someone else can be easily checked. Settle your previous commitments first and then apply for new funds.

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