With the arrival of spring, sunrise and good weather, it is inevitable that many Spaniards get to plan their vacations for this summer 2016. The destinations are varied as well as the plans: mountain, beach, tourism, gastronomy … However, although there are many possibilities, the budget usually has a limit that we cannot exceed and must be adjusted.

In this way, in Good Finance we propose that you organize the vacations that you have always wanted but saving as much as possible, even reaching up to 50% following all the indications.

We can get a cheaper vacation and with the same contracted services


For this, it is essential to make an advance reservation , since most airlines and hotels are prepared in advance rewarding customers who like to plan everything a few months in advance, so on their website there are usually offers and promotions so that As we get closer to the selected date, prices increase. In this regard, the possibility of having several dates as flexible as possible should also be taken into account as the airlines change their fares depending on the flight day, for example on Tuesday being one of the cheapest days to go by plane. The same happens with the accommodations that the most quoted days trigger their prices. Taking into account the season, let’s avoid going to the highest one in August, the month in which millions of Spaniards agree on their vacations and companies increase their rates.

It is important to know the possibility of making an exchange

Through specialized networks in which the owners who coincide on the selected dates can exchange their accommodation without having to pay a single euro at this point.

Buying packages that include the plane and the hotel is a good option to save a few euros, since it is estimated that prices are reduced by up to 30% in addition to the time when organizing it is more comfortable because these types of packages include everything you need with the possibility of including some extra service.

With the rise of comparators , it is essential to compare between several possibilities to see which one best suits the needs of each one in which the objective is none other than to hire the best opportunity to pay less with similar services.

Use discount codes

It also serves when booking vacations thanks to the existing competition in which many companies are forced to make these promotions to attract more customers and from which users can benefit.

Having only one destination is also not a good idea because there are also “traveling fashions” in which some destinations are quoted more than others for demand, so having several possibilities expands the range of being able to obtain better conditions. In addition, if destinations such as Hungary, Mexico or Turkey are chosen where currency exchange is very beneficial for citizens of the euro zone in addition to obtaining cheaper flights and accommodation, the budget established for expenses once in the country is extended of destiny. To choose the destination airport we can also be more flexible by choosing those that are not in the capitals themselves, but in cities in the same country or even in another country.

Avoiding the most concentrated and tourist points can also mean a lower outlay because these areas always offer higher prices.

Traveling with little luggage is also a saving point since the kilos with which you can travel are penalized more and more, paying for supplements, so in addition to checking the requirements of each company it is recommended to limit the weight of the luggage to the maximum .

Choose a travel agency

Choose a travel agency

It increases the final price of the entire trip by up to 20%, so searching on the Internet and doing it ourselves will take us a little more time but we will save some euros that can come in handy to buy souvenirs for family members once in the destination or friends, an excursion or spend it on lunch or dinner.

Finding out about public transport networks for journeys in advance is important to avoid high taxis or rental cars.

Opting for cheap food and making the purchase where the natural people of that country do it, will serve to know their real gastronomy and to be able to flee from the most tourist places where the quality is not the most suitable and the price either.

Therefore, what you should not do is book a vacation one or two weeks before the date, have only one destination as a possibility and do it on high season dates. Flexibility in every way is one of the key factors to save on vacations.

Perfect vacation without spending more


Now that we know a little more about the secrets of saver travelers , it is time to get going in search of the perfect vacation without spending more than what is established at first. And if so, remember that in Good Finance we have a comparator of the latest technology of fast loans ideal to use at specific times like this with which to obtain up to 800 euros in just a few minutes and thus be able to enjoy the holidays we want .

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