Before you buy a dwelling, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the building features. The building characteristics of the house, that is, the area of ​​the house, its vertical position, internal use characteristics, building components, physical structure determine the value of the house.

The physical structure of the building in which the residence is located also indirectly affects the value of the property as it affects the prestige of the building. In this article we have listed all you need to ask about the type of building structure, building quality, architectural style of the building and other structural elements. It will give you confidence to note these questions and find answers to avoid any surprises after you buy your home.

Does the house have a building license?

building license

When buying a house, you need to investigate whether a building license exists to find out if the property you are going to receive is in debt.


Is There a Risk of Urban Transformation in the Title Deed Information?

You should find out if the land registry information of the dwelling is risky according to the urban transformation law. Houses taken without looking at the title deed, later demolished on the grounds of urban transformation can put you in undesirable situations.


Does the house have a permit for building use?

Does the house have a permit for building use?

If the housing you intend to buy is a newly constructed building, it is absolutely necessary to check whether there is a permit for the use of the building. It should be examined whether the house to be purchased has been established for condominium ownership if there is a building usage permit certificate.


Is the immovable condominium?

Is the immovable condominium?

There is a bet for the immovable properties that are in conformity with the licensed project, that is, the building use permission certificate of the condominium of the house you will receive is finished. You will not have any problems with the title deed is a type of title deed. For this reason, the question of whether the property you are examining before buying a house is immovable property must be asked.


Net Square Meter How Much?

One of the most important structural variables of the houses is the floor area. Each building has a gross construction area and some buildings contain common areas that will serve all home owners. When these common areas are removed from the gross construction area, a net square meter of net usage area emerges. Floor space and residential area size, ie the number of rooms and bathrooms positively affect housing prices. For this reason, the net square meter of the house that is planned to be taken must be determined.


What is the vertical position of the apartment and its internal use?

It is important for ease of use that the floor on which the house is planned to be purchased is located. The total number of floors, the floor height of the dwelling unit of the dwelling affect the value of the dwelling.


Is the study of the ground where the house is located?

It is very important whether the ground survey of the building in which the house is located against a possible earthquake. It is absolutely necessary to obtain information about housing and building reliability of buildings where no ground surveys have been conducted against earthquakes and not to buy housing from buildings where ground surveys are not conducted.


Are the materials used in building construction conform to the standards?

The materials used in the building and in the house should be asked whether they comply with the standards or not in order to avoid any subsequent problems.


How Many Years Is The Building In Which The House Is Located?

For earthquake resistance, it is stated that buildings over 50 years are at high risk for earthquakes. For this reason, you must have the information about how old the building will be.


Is there a shelter in the building prepared in accordance with the current regulation?

It is an obligation under the regulation that the building in which the house is located is a shelter area in accordance with the current regulation. It is among the questions that you should examine and ask before buying before you purchase to check the conformity of the house with the current regulations.

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