Credit redemption: repayment term -Find your credit card debt consolidation

Find your perfect credit card debt consolidation

Consolidating the debts of your credit cards is possible with Debt consolidation plans that actually work. You can save money. Do you want to know how?

Using credit cards is a great experience, except when you overdo shopping and realize that it is not easy to pay.

Normally this occurs when:

  • You assume that the card is a kind of additional income to your salary and you spend more than you earn.
  • You use the card to withdraw cash.
  • You differ purchases for many months (up to 48).
  • You prefer to indicate that the payment will be “normal”; that is, you give the instruction to defer the purchase to 36 months.
  • You forget that you can give the order when paying to divide the value into one, two or three installments.
  • You usually pay only the minimum monthly payment and not pay everything you owe.
  • You buy a lot, thinking that you are able to pay in small monthly payments.

It is in these cases that the impact of high-interest rates on credit cards usually affects your cash flow, your ability to pay, your savings and your budget.

Can you do something about it?

credit debt

Yes, you can consolidate debts into one, seeking to improve the rate.

In the financial market, there are several players. Some charge more than others for their services. Your card is likely to settle at high-interest rates (we have seen rates of up to 22-25% per month). Changing banks will be a good way to save.

This decision must be made before incurring default. Submitting loan applications when you are reported is a bad precedent.

Parallel credit

Banks have a product called a parallel credit line. This is credit equivalent to the limit that was approved in credit cards and varies from bank to bank. And you will have between one to two years to pay the totality.

What is the benefit? Rate! This credit will be cheaper than the debts you already have. It will be easier to pay and you will save a lot of money. If you have average rates on your 25% cards, you will find who lends you 20% annual cash.

The bank will take care of paying your debts and, in addition, will give you a new card with a preferential rate.

It is certainly good business. And, above all, greater peace of mind. You will only have to be aware of one date, instead of several, to meet payment commitments; and you will see how your cash flow improves, allowing you to live again.

Home equity loan

Home equity loan

The second option is a home equity loan. If you have a property in your name and can offer it as collateral, it is an excellent opportunity to reduce the interest value of your debts.

Mortgage loans are usually cheap due to the pledge (or collateral) that is left as collateral. You will exchange a high cost of money for the lowest; you will change a short-term debt, for a medium or long-term one; You will change the value of your monthly payments for more comfortable ones.

Obviously, the home equity loan has costs. The bank will make a legal study of the property, an appraisal and, if the credit is approved, the mortgage guarantee must be registered. In many occasions, these expenses are not representative next to the saving that is obtained with the consolidation of the debts.

In any case, good advice is recommended. You will not want to make a credit card debt purchase to continue paying more.

Why was my loan application rejected?

Contrary to popular belief, your credit history matters when you try to get a loan. Some loan companies carefully check the persons applying for a loan at BIK (Credit Information Bureau). This register contains anyone who has or has had a loan, used a credit card or used overdraft. In BIK it was noted if you have not once paid conscientiously and regularly commitments.

What does your credit history look like?

What does your credit history look like?

As a consequence, some non-bank companies will not consider you a trustworthy customer, and that is probably why you were refused a loan. To avoid seeking the answer to the question why a loan application was rejected, it is worth knowing your weaknesses.

If your credit history is not good, you must immediately try to get money from one of the companies that does not verify the data available in BIK – you will receive a payday without BIK.

For more information on this topic and offers, see LOANS WITHOUT CHECKING DEBTORS 2019.

Figuring in another debtors base

In addition to BIK, there are other databases in which lenders can track how you previously fulfilled your financial obligations within a specified period. In statements such as the National Register of Debtors (KRD) or Economic Information Bureau (BIG) you can find even for non-payment of utility bills or the Internet. It is true that you will not find yourself on this type of “black list” right away, but if you have been late with payments in the past, your chances of getting a new loan are greatly reduced.

A lie about creditworthiness


Another element taken into account by the loan companies is your creditworthiness. Customers who can certify a stable income (resulting from an employment contract or other civil law agreement, retirement or disability pension) should not have a problem with accepting their loan application. Unfortunately, the unemployed are at the other extreme. Remember, however, that in addition to earnings or social benefits, your creditworthiness also includes other expenses, such as the need to pay maintenance.

However, we strongly advise against concealing such information. Generally, the lie has short legs, and in addition, lenders now have an excellent tool to look at their potential customers – they are social media. Such a lie can be considered an attempt at extortion, and this has serious consequences.

For more information on the consequences of providing false information, see DO YOU LOOK FOR PRISON FOR LONG?

A loan from another company


Debt from other companies may also be the reason that your application has not been accepted. “One loan in one company” is an unwritten rule of companies in this industry.

The conditions for taking another payday loan from the same lender are usually precisely described in the loan agreements, while the fact that the customer has not previously borrowed money from someone else can be easily checked. Settle your previous commitments first and then apply for new funds.

Bugs that make you lose money

Most of us have a lot of paperwork on changing banks. That is why we stay with the old one, although we could have a current account at no charge elsewhere. But the so-called Mobility Code has been in place for several years, making it easier for you to switch to another bank. The new bank house also handles all the necessary papers for you, so you don’t have to go to the old bank at all.

Misuse of credit cards

Misuse of credit cards

A credit card is a useful helper if you use it correctly. You can borrow money for free for some time. However, if you exceed the grace period, you must start paying interest.

Poor quality fuse

Do you have a cheap insurance policy and do you think you have saved? As a result, you may get expensive. Other insurance can be a few ten crowns more expensive, but it covers more risks. Always wonder in which cases you are covered and what are the exceptions.

Ignorance of APRC

Ignorance of APRC

It is not good to compare loans only by interest. It is much better to look at the APRC, which is obligatory for all lenders. In addition to the interest, all APRs are included in the APRC.

So if you compare two loans, it is preferable to the lower APR. If you only focus on lower interest rates, you may overlook that you have to pay different fees.

The same product for years

We have different needs in every part of our lives and it is therefore necessary to keep the closed financial products under constant review. This will help you find out if they still meet your needs and make sure you don’t pay too much. For example, after the birth of children, it is appropriate for the breadwinner to increase their life insurance policy.

Unauthorized overdraft

Unauthorized overdraft

When an unexpected expense comes, some people have to go over or overdraft on the bill. But banks charge fees for unauthorized overdraft. So try to watch everything.

 Forgetting exit fees

For savings products, companies attract zero entry fees. But make sure you check how much you will have to pay if you want to withdraw money early.

Inappropriate type of savings


Do you have extra money and need to save it? For example, you may be interested in a term deposit. You save money for 3 years and get an interesting interest.

But it would be a mistake to put all the savings there. What if you need them unexpectedly? It is better to share the money. You keep the part as a standby book in a savings account, from where you can withdraw it at any time, and put the rest in a more favorable product.

How to save on the next vacation | Fast Loans

With the arrival of spring, sunrise and good weather, it is inevitable that many Spaniards get to plan their vacations for this summer 2016. The destinations are varied as well as the plans: mountain, beach, tourism, gastronomy … However, although there are many possibilities, the budget usually has a limit that we cannot exceed and must be adjusted.

In this way, in Good Finance we propose that you organize the vacations that you have always wanted but saving as much as possible, even reaching up to 50% following all the indications.

We can get a cheaper vacation and with the same contracted services


For this, it is essential to make an advance reservation , since most airlines and hotels are prepared in advance rewarding customers who like to plan everything a few months in advance, so on their website there are usually offers and promotions so that As we get closer to the selected date, prices increase. In this regard, the possibility of having several dates as flexible as possible should also be taken into account as the airlines change their fares depending on the flight day, for example on Tuesday being one of the cheapest days to go by plane. The same happens with the accommodations that the most quoted days trigger their prices. Taking into account the season, let’s avoid going to the highest one in August, the month in which millions of Spaniards agree on their vacations and companies increase their rates.

It is important to know the possibility of making an exchange

Through specialized networks in which the owners who coincide on the selected dates can exchange their accommodation without having to pay a single euro at this point.

Buying packages that include the plane and the hotel is a good option to save a few euros, since it is estimated that prices are reduced by up to 30% in addition to the time when organizing it is more comfortable because these types of packages include everything you need with the possibility of including some extra service.

With the rise of comparators , it is essential to compare between several possibilities to see which one best suits the needs of each one in which the objective is none other than to hire the best opportunity to pay less with similar services.

Use discount codes

It also serves when booking vacations thanks to the existing competition in which many companies are forced to make these promotions to attract more customers and from which users can benefit.

Having only one destination is also not a good idea because there are also “traveling fashions” in which some destinations are quoted more than others for demand, so having several possibilities expands the range of being able to obtain better conditions. In addition, if destinations such as Hungary, Mexico or Turkey are chosen where currency exchange is very beneficial for citizens of the euro zone in addition to obtaining cheaper flights and accommodation, the budget established for expenses once in the country is extended of destiny. To choose the destination airport we can also be more flexible by choosing those that are not in the capitals themselves, but in cities in the same country or even in another country.

Avoiding the most concentrated and tourist points can also mean a lower outlay because these areas always offer higher prices.

Traveling with little luggage is also a saving point since the kilos with which you can travel are penalized more and more, paying for supplements, so in addition to checking the requirements of each company it is recommended to limit the weight of the luggage to the maximum .

Choose a travel agency

Choose a travel agency

It increases the final price of the entire trip by up to 20%, so searching on the Internet and doing it ourselves will take us a little more time but we will save some euros that can come in handy to buy souvenirs for family members once in the destination or friends, an excursion or spend it on lunch or dinner.

Finding out about public transport networks for journeys in advance is important to avoid high taxis or rental cars.

Opting for cheap food and making the purchase where the natural people of that country do it, will serve to know their real gastronomy and to be able to flee from the most tourist places where the quality is not the most suitable and the price either.

Therefore, what you should not do is book a vacation one or two weeks before the date, have only one destination as a possibility and do it on high season dates. Flexibility in every way is one of the key factors to save on vacations.

Perfect vacation without spending more


Now that we know a little more about the secrets of saver travelers , it is time to get going in search of the perfect vacation without spending more than what is established at first. And if so, remember that in Good Finance we have a comparator of the latest technology of fast loans ideal to use at specific times like this with which to obtain up to 800 euros in just a few minutes and thus be able to enjoy the holidays we want .

How To Save Money With Your Home | Mortgage Loans

In recent months we have seen the banking industry turn its marketing batteries for the promotion of housing credit contracts. This change is symptomatic of greater openness to the granting of credit. It all starts with the less risky credits (which serves as an anchor product) and evolves to the other products, with more risk and a higher interest rate.

This greater openness to housing credit is now visible in the significant reduction of interest charged. If a year ago the spreads were higher than 4% today we get credits with rates very close to 1% which in a contract of € 100,000 to 30 years represents a difference of € 130 every month.

How to Save Money with Your Mortgage Loan?

How to Save Money with Your Mortgage Loan?

How to take advantage to save money? If you have a contract with a spread greater than 2% it may make sense to negotiate with your bank a review of conditions (your bank will accept). Alternatively you can transfer your credit to another bank that will do everything to have a new customer. Note, however, that the cost of a credit is not limited to the spread but to many other commissions and products / services that make the proposal more expensive.

Various proposals


In this way, I suggest that you always compare the APR of the various proposals since this is the rate that includes the impact of all these “hidden” costs.

Do not expect the bank to take the initiative to lower your costs. It has to be the customer to demand an adaptation of the conditions to new market conditions. Strive for savings and think that all saving results in a tax-free “risk increase”.

Win the Good Finance

Win the good finance

To save money on housing credit you must overcome Good Finance. The transfer of a contract of this nature takes time, has a lot of associated bureaucracy and can generate some insecurity.

In this way, the suggested strategy goes through two steps. First, you must overcome Good Finance and start the process – you can start it simply by filling in the White Rabbit housing credit simulator. The second step is to respond to the requests of our consultants who handle the whole process and the bureaucracies all by themselves. And at no cost … you just have to win.

Building Questions to Buy When Buying a House | Debt

Before you buy a dwelling, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the building features. The building characteristics of the house, that is, the area of ​​the house, its vertical position, internal use characteristics, building components, physical structure determine the value of the house.

The physical structure of the building in which the residence is located also indirectly affects the value of the property as it affects the prestige of the building. In this article we have listed all you need to ask about the type of building structure, building quality, architectural style of the building and other structural elements. It will give you confidence to note these questions and find answers to avoid any surprises after you buy your home.

Does the house have a building license?

building license

When buying a house, you need to investigate whether a building license exists to find out if the property you are going to receive is in debt.


Is There a Risk of Urban Transformation in the Title Deed Information?

You should find out if the land registry information of the dwelling is risky according to the urban transformation law. Houses taken without looking at the title deed, later demolished on the grounds of urban transformation can put you in undesirable situations.


Does the house have a permit for building use?

Does the house have a permit for building use?

If the housing you intend to buy is a newly constructed building, it is absolutely necessary to check whether there is a permit for the use of the building. It should be examined whether the house to be purchased has been established for condominium ownership if there is a building usage permit certificate.


Is the immovable condominium?

Is the immovable condominium?

There is a bet for the immovable properties that are in conformity with the licensed project, that is, the building use permission certificate of the condominium of the house you will receive is finished. You will not have any problems with the title deed is a type of title deed. For this reason, the question of whether the property you are examining before buying a house is immovable property must be asked.


Net Square Meter How Much?

One of the most important structural variables of the houses is the floor area. Each building has a gross construction area and some buildings contain common areas that will serve all home owners. When these common areas are removed from the gross construction area, a net square meter of net usage area emerges. Floor space and residential area size, ie the number of rooms and bathrooms positively affect housing prices. For this reason, the net square meter of the house that is planned to be taken must be determined.


What is the vertical position of the apartment and its internal use?

It is important for ease of use that the floor on which the house is planned to be purchased is located. The total number of floors, the floor height of the dwelling unit of the dwelling affect the value of the dwelling.


Is the study of the ground where the house is located?

It is very important whether the ground survey of the building in which the house is located against a possible earthquake. It is absolutely necessary to obtain information about housing and building reliability of buildings where no ground surveys have been conducted against earthquakes and not to buy housing from buildings where ground surveys are not conducted.


Are the materials used in building construction conform to the standards?

The materials used in the building and in the house should be asked whether they comply with the standards or not in order to avoid any subsequent problems.


How Many Years Is The Building In Which The House Is Located?

For earthquake resistance, it is stated that buildings over 50 years are at high risk for earthquakes. For this reason, you must have the information about how old the building will be.


Is there a shelter in the building prepared in accordance with the current regulation?

It is an obligation under the regulation that the building in which the house is located is a shelter area in accordance with the current regulation. It is among the questions that you should examine and ask before buying before you purchase to check the conformity of the house with the current regulations.

Denmark’s Public Debt – Consolidated Loans

The entire EU public debt is falling steadily. Denmark’s finances in particular are being improved, which is also reflected in the Danish municipalities. This shows new figures from Statistics Denmark.

Statistics show, among other things, that there are marked differences in the EMU debt of the various euro area countries. Estonia is at the top with only 9.5% of GDP, while Greece is the country with the largest public debt of 179% of GDP.

EMU debt comprises a consolidated statement of significant debt items in the state, municipalities and regions. In other words: the country’s public debt.

At Dabar you can get 100% free and non-binding offers on, among other things, collateral loans, car loans and consumer loans. Loan money the smart way and easily compare interest rates, APRs and other loan terms. If you need a loan, we can help you.


EU public debt


The EU countries have a total average debt of 83.5% of GDP, which, after several years of increase, has been declining since 2014 by around 3 percentage points.

Denmark has one of the absolute lowest rates in Europe in terms of EMU debt. The debt is 37.7% of GDP, which is equivalent to DKK 779bn. This makes Denmark a model example compared to countries in crisis such as Portugal, which has a debt of 130.4% of GDP, Italy with a debt of 132.6% of GDP and Greece whose EMU debt is 179% of GDP .

Denmark is thus in sixth place in relation to the lowest debt in Europe and is thus surpassed only by Estonia, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Romania. All the above countries, Denmark included, are thus within the 60% criterion stated in the Stability and Growth Pact.


The EU’s 60% criterion

debt payment

According to the Stability and Growth Pact, the general government debt limit is, under normal circumstances, 60% of GDP. This means that a country must have a maximum debt of 60% of its total GDP. Only 12 euro countries meet this requirement. These countries are marked in green on the map.

Other countries that meet the 60% criterion are Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Luxembourg and Estonia.


Estonia as a pattern example

Estonia as a pattern example

Estonia is the most successful euro zone at present. With an EMU debt of 9.5% of GDP, Estonia is the euro area with the smallest public debt. They thereby remain well below the EU’s 60% criterion. However, this is not the only point where Estonia is brilliant – in many other respects it is the EU’s dux.

In addition to the above, Estonia also meets another important criterion regarding the annual government deficit. The annual government deficit must not exceed 3% of the country’s total GDP. In 2016, the deficit for Estonia was 0.3% of GDP, with Denmark being -0.9% in comparison. Only two countries failed to meet the above criterion. Spain with -4.5% and France with -3.4% respectively.

The fact that Estonia is doing well may be due to a number of different factors. Among other things, this can be explained by the fact that the country has a much smaller economy than Denmark, for example. With a total GDP of $ 23.14 billion. Estonia’s GDP is 13 times less than Denmark’s, which stands at $ 306.1 billion. dollars.

Looking at the country’s public revenue and expenditure, it is clear that Estonia has more spending than revenue. Of this, one could wonder about the low EMU debt, but since this is a gross debt concept, only the liabilities are taken into account. Thus, the difference between assets and liabilities is not measured. Therefore, only expenses such as debt obligations and not investments are included, which may be part of the explanation for Estonia’s low debt.

If you emphasize Denmark’s net debt, you also get a completely different picture than EMU debt. Denmark’s net debt represented 6.5% of total GDP in 2016. This is a marked difference to the aforementioned 37.7% EMU debt. This is because the assets are not included in EMU debt, which means that Denmark’s deposits with Danmarks Nationalbank are not included.

Now we have looked at what the economic situation looks like at EU level, but what does the financial landscape look like in Denmark? We will answer that in the map below, which shows the Danish municipalities’ long-term debt per share. inhabitant

Property valuation for mortgage

Real estate appraisal is one of the most demanded services that is not part of the direct process of buying and selling housing. It may be required in a number of cases: a pledge of property when taking a mortgage, an inventory of real estate on account of debt, a section of inheritance, some other legal proceedings, and so on. Due to the peculiarities of the Russian housing realities, the property or apartment most often appears in a communal apartment. And the most common situation associated with the assessment is taking a mortgage loan.

The main criteria for assessing real estate


Good Finance, as the main bank of the Russian Federation, fully supports the property valuation service for mortgages. Each large branch of this bank has a small staff of professionals involved in solving problems related to identifying the value of real estate. Evaluation is done in standard and individual order. The standard procedure involves the analysis of urban housing. In 90% of all cases – this is an apartment. What criteria do the evaluators working for Good Finance use?

Infrastructure. For many, this factor is more important than the size of the living space. An analysis of the location of housing with respect to highways, subways (if any), airports (if any), hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shopping centers, etc. , Shopping center (5 minutes walk). And quite close to any major transportation hub and airport. So close to reach it by car could be about 10 minutes. But the noise did not reach the house.

The number of floors in the house and the floor on which the housing is located. Many architects and sociologists believe that this is wrong, but in the Russian high-rise apartment a priori is more expensive. And inside the skyscrapers themselves, the most expensive are those located on floors 5-9. Lowest price at lower floors.

Estimated total area of ​​real estate (residential and non-residential). It is clear that the more living space, the more expensive the apartment. But the size of the non-residential area also seriously affects the price. After all, it indicates how spacious the kitchen, bathroom, closet. Therefore, the experts in the calculations use not only individual indicators, but also the ratio of areas (residential / non-residential).

An important criterion is the year when the house was commissioned. Too old and too new homes are cheaper than those that were commissioned 6-8 years ago. This also includes the material used in the construction and the type of building (layout of the house). At brick buildings the highest cost.

District communications – electricity, full water supply, Internet, telephone, gas, heating. The house can be additionally equipped with gas heating, have connection of several Internet providers. All this goes to plus the cost of housing.

The dislocation of the apartment itself is important – angular or end. Although this is the most uncertain criterion. Some experts estimate more expensive corner apartments. Others, on the contrary, face.

Balconies, loggias and utility rooms, of course, also counted. Their area and arrangement is included in the list of factors limiting the price of an apartment.

Despite the beliefs of realtors that the value of the apartment is the value of the living room, the repair and decoration of the premises contribute to the situation. Particular attention is paid appraisers bathroom. Its quality and design is limited to 10% of the cost of an apartment.

Required documents


Actually, in this regard, Good Finance is not unique. For the same items carried out by experts from other banks. If you want to evaluate a country house, then the procedure is carried out individually. Since there are many additional factors, including features of the landscape, soil, the proximity of large settlements and so on. Real estate valuation for mortgages in Good Finance will require the provision of a package of documents. This includes at least three documents (plus photocopies must be made):

  • passport of the customer-owner. If the customer is a legal entity, then the company details will be required;
  • papers confirming the ownership of real estate;
  • two passports of the building itself (cadastral and technical).

But in addition may be required and other documents. For example, if a property was once arrested. Everything is determined by the purpose of the assessment procedure. If we are talking about the most common case (real estate pledge for taking a mortgage), then these documents should be enough. By the way, it is not necessary that the evaluation be carried out directly by Good Finance for further work with Good Finance.

Accredited appraisal firms and appraisal procedure

Accredited appraisal firms and appraisal procedure

In principle, the bank almost never deals with the assessment itself. Good Finance of Russia on its official website provides a list of accredited appraisal firms. Their conclusions are accepted by Good Finance as their own. This rule is valid throughout the Russian Federation. Only when choosing a company, it is necessary to check the list. The report of a third-party independent company Good Finance is likely to reject. Although it will be enough just to get to the branch of Good Finance and inform about the desire to conduct a real estate appraisal for taking a mortgage on bail.

Bank employees themselves will contact the organization. So, in Good Finance, the order of evaluation works is as follows. First, the future borrower in the selected company draws up a written agreement on the assessment, after which the service is paid in advance. Departure of a specialist appraisal company is carried out on any day, but on weekends the service is almost always more expensive. Work is done only in the daytime. Upon arrival, the appraiser photographs the real estate object in detail, conducts a thorough visual inspection and examines the passports of the building.

After that, the market value of housing is determined and an evaluation report is compiled. 2 copies are taken from the original report, and the original is handed over to the customer. The customer can come to the bank with this report. And you can leave it with the appraiser, so I’ve delivered it to the destination. Also, the employee-pro by mail sends this report in electronic form to a specialist in loans. Copies of the documents required to obtain a mortgage on bail, you can also give the appraiser – he will deliver everything.

It should be said that Good Finance fully relies on the market value stated in the report in terms of the size of the mortgage provided. Perhaps other independent experts will appreciate the property a little more expensive or a little cheaper. For the bank, it does not matter. His policy is determined by the conclusions and conclusions of his own specialists. This is where the evaluation report differs from the simple evaluation report that even the housing department can do.